Bear the Bordoodle (F1)

Our last of four training sessions with Bear. He is a rockstar!

Cayman the Bordoodle (F1)

We cannot thank you enough for such an amazing experience and our newest family member. Cayman is such a big...

Oscar the Bordoodle (F1b)

Oscar is doing great! He loves our other dog named Gus. They are always together.

Aberdeen the Bordoodle (F1b)

She is doing great on her twice daily walks. She has mastered her beginner puppy puzzle. She seems to enjoy...

Biscuit the Bordoodle (F1)

Biscut has shown she is extremely smart. We love her so much!

Murphy the Bordoodle (F1)

He captured our hearts from day one and never let go. He is the most energetic, loveable, happy-go-lucky dog. Thank...

Dusty the Bordoodle (F1b)

It’s the highlight of his day when he (son) comes back home from school. He is such a good boy.

Indie the Bordoodle (F1)

She’s almost 2 now and doing so good!

Doughnut the Bordoodle (F1b)

We are thinking he’s going to be on the smaller side. He was 32 pounds at 9 months. Growing up/taller....

Ethel the Bordoodle (F1b)

We still love Ethel to death and thank you for her. She’s the cutest little pup!