When You Get Your Puppy Home

puppyThis is an exciting time for you and your new puppy! Please remember to have patience, as this is a change for both of you. The amount of time and love you invest will be returned many times over. Be sure to share the “scented” towel of our family/four-legged family with your new puppy when you get home.

Your puppy will be heading home with you on an empty stomach. This is intentional to help prevent car sickness/vomiting. Any time we travel with our pets, we definitely try to make sure they haven’t eaten recently to help avoid sickness. Make sure to feed your puppy an early dinner when you get home.

Your puppy is used to being in a crate at bedtime and during your away time from the house. We refer to the crate as, “kennel” – such as, “Go to your kennel.” It is strongly suggested each and every time you let your puppy out of the crate they go directly outside to go potty. By doing so you are letting them know this is what you expect. In the beginning, it is recommended to place your crate very close to the door they are going in and out of to go potty. A puppy’s bladder is small and learning; trying to, and expecting them to, hold it to get out the door from a distance when they are excited is just setting them up for failure and you up for frustration. You can leave the door open to the crate when not in use so they can go in and out freely. Do not use the crate for punishment – ever.

After eight (8) weeks old, we only feed once a day, in the evening. We feed the same time our family eats dinner. Sometimes it is 6pm – sometimes later depending on our family’s busy schedule. Please feed according to the package instructions and adjust to how hungry your puppy indicates. Always provide access to fresh water. (A Lixit water bottle is great for the crate, so they don’t step in it and spill it everywhere.) Your puppy has always eaten with litter mates. You can feed them in the crate for a sense of their own private space. If they do not eat all the food you give after half an hour, take it up until the next feeding. This is also the time you need to take your puppy outside to go “potty” (the word we use with our dogs).

Treats are fun, but not something your puppy will have had while with our family. It may take them some time to “like” them, as we try to promote only their mother’s milk and their dry puppy food; our goal is to focus on their nutrition. If you are using training treats for training – only give them when your puppy does what you are asking. This will be the quickest way for them to learn, by getting the reward. Rewards given out any old time will not have the association of performing for you.

puppyWe have used all kinds of expensive dog shampoos for bathing. The best product we have used is Blue Dawn dish soap. We have never had a dog have an allergic reaction, red spots or dry skin from it. The designer dog shampoos always make my Bordoodle break out in a rash. A good rule of thumb is to keep baths longer apart then two weeks, unless necessary. Bathing too soon in between may cause dry skin.

We trim our dog’s nails at home in between grooming visits. Would recommend having something like, Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder in your puppy first aid kit. If you accidentally cut too far down and the nail starts bleeding, you will need something to stop the bleeding fast – this kind of a cut will rarely stop bleeding on its own. There are also some home remedies you can Google in a pinch.

As far as flea and tick prevention, we are very adamant about NOT using a back of the neck topical on any of our pets. We use the Seresto Flea and Tick Collars on our dogs and cats. This is a slow release formula over an 8-month period of time. Please use what you and your veterinarian feel is best for your family.

While your new puppy is learning their name, you can get their attention by saying, “puppy,” “puppies,” or “come on puppies.” We know our hearts, and, if we name one, they will end up staying. This is the general name used for all of them collectively. However, if you share with us the name you are giving your puppy, we will gladly start using it.

In your Goodie Bag, among other things, will be a four-legged family/family scented towel. This is very comforting for the transition between our home and yours. Offer this towel to your puppy when in their crate (their space), including at bedtime.