Teddy the Bordoodle (F1)

We are blessed to have this little guy.

Emma the Bordoodle (F1)

“My Sweet Emma.”  What a smart dog with a great temperament and full of energy. Potty trained very quickly, already...

Buddy the Bordoodle (F1)

After a very smooth drive home to Massachusetts, Buddy has fit right in as part of the family. He is...

Brody the Bordoodle (F1)

Brody is 17 pounds! We love him. He is so smart. Training going great. Thank you for an awesome dog!

Winnie the Bordoodle (F1)

She has been amazing! Every day we are truly amazed with her smarts and could not be more grateful to...

Sully the Bordoodle (F1)

He’s a great dog. Definitely part of the family. One of the funniest things is that he was pure black...

Belle the Bordoodle (F1)

She is quite a little character! I love how brilliant she is. She is such a social butterfly and has...

Winston the Bordoodle (F1)

I just wanted you to know Winston is such a joy to us. So very funny. Almost potty trained and...

Marley the Bordoodle (F1)

Living up to the name. We love him dearly.

Watson the Bordoodle (F1)

We found he loves the humming from the wine fridge and is a favorite spot to take a long nap.