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Stud Agreement and Application

stud services

Turk Family Farm, LLC is offering the above named stud dog to be breed to the above named dam dog.

A copy of four-generation pedigree shall be provided to dam dog owner. Every precaution has been taken to be sure stud dog is in good health, free of parasites, of sound mind and body, and vaccinated. A copy of four-generation pedigree shall be provided to stud dog owner. Dam dog owner agrees to provide dam dog in good health, free of parasites, of sound mind and body, and vaccinated. Dam dog must be in season. Dam dog owner must provide current veterinarian information to stud dog owner and shall be liable for any loss of stud dog’s future services due to dam dog’s owner concealment of health problems.

A successful breeding is defined as a minimum of one (1) puppy born alive. If breeding does not “take,” a repeat breeding will be given to the same dam dog on her next season. Stud dog owner must be notified in writing, no later than 70 days, after breeding if no pregnancy results. Failure to do so will result in no return service being provided. If the dam dog fails to conceive on the return service, this Agreement is terminated. If other arrangements have not been made with the stud dog owner and the dam dog is not bred on her next season, or within proper time, but/and if no puppies result, the stud fee is forfeited and no repeat breeding is offered.

The cost and time of transporting the dam dog to and from stud dog is that of the dam dog owner. Stud dog owner does not charge a boarding charge, unless dam dog must stay for a longer period of time then is reasonably expected. Dam dog owner is responsible for the cost/supply of dam’s food, supplements, and medications while in the care of the stud dog owner.

Dam dog will be treated like one of the stud dog owner’s own animals when in their care. Dam dog will be kept inside the home during the stay. Dam dog will be exercised, played with, and pampered. Every effort will be made for dam dog to feel comfortable, as well as being adequately separated from stud dog owner’s other animals as needed.

A minimum of three (3) separate breeding visits is expected starting after the 8th day from the dam dog showing signs of bleeding/in season. Every effort will be made to cover the entire breeding season of the dam dog. Dam dog owner agrees to assure the proper timing of said breeding and keep dam dog properly confined following breeding to ensure no other dog could mate her accidentally before her season is complete.

No puppies resulting from the breeding under any circumstance may be sold to brokers, pet shops, or puppy mills. Should this part of the Agreement be ignored, stud dog owner will pursue this clause in a court of law. Further, stud dog owner requires no puppies sired by this stud dog are sold outside of the United States, unless expressed permission is given in writing by same.

stud services

If dam dog owner elects to have fresh chilled or frozen semen shipped to them, the entire cost is that of the dam dog owner. This fee is in addition to the stud fee and must be paid at the time of said semen draw. If breeding does not take, dam dog owner is still responsible for the cost of chilled/frozen semen expenses and stud fee as outlined herein.

Dam dog owner agrees to provide stud dog owner with a list of names, addresses, and contact information of owners of puppies resulting from this breeding. Stud dog owner shall be informed of puppies that are returned for any reason. Stud dog owner wishes dam dog owner to understand breeding dogs is taken very seriously and will be very interested in the puppies resulting from any litter for their entire lifetime. Stud dog owner agrees to accept returned puppies if the dam dog owner is unable to at that time. No monetary exchange will be given to dam dog owner under these circumstances, and stud dog owner becomes the owner of any said returned puppy.

The stud fee is to be paid up front before breeding. Registration papers will not be available or signed until all fees relating to this Agreement are met. There are two options available: limited/pet-only and full/breeding registration. Stud fees are $900 for limited/pet-only registration and $2,000 for full/breeding registration.

By this Agreement, it is specifically agreed the stud dog owner is not obligated to sign the application for Litter Registration until and unless the stud fee and any other related financial arrangements have been paid in full.

Any pictures shared with stud dog owner can and may be used to promote the services of the stud dog, both in print and online.

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