Francine the Bordoodle (F1b)

Francine had her first official haircut today! She has cemented herself into our hearts!

Remy the Bordoodle (F1b)

Remy got groomed for the first time last week. Just wanted to tell you what a sweet, smart, affectionate boy...

Savio the Bordoodle (F1)

He is doing very well. He began sleeping through the night within a few days of coming home! We are...

Kona the Bordoodle (F1)

Kona had a great 1st birthday! We are so happy he is ours.

Squirt the Bordoodle (F1)

Handling every new experience like a champ – being carried around, meeting new people, peeing on grass upstairs. Not fussed...

Kemper the Bordoodle

Kemper has been such a good pup so far. Sitting on command, going potty on command outside, just a sweet...

Murphy the B&W Bordoodle (F1)

All is very well!! Murphy is such a good dog – we all love him so much!

Ethel the Bordoodle (F1b)

We absolutely are in love with Ethel. She has the sweetest personality and is a very chill puppy.

Indy the Bordoodle (F1b)

Indy is amazing, as you can see. We’re housebroken and enjoying puppy kindergarten classes. He is SO incredibly smart –...

Rafa The Bordoodle (F1b)

Things are going well. We’re trying to teach him potty training and no biting. He’s a quick learner and has...