When a Border Collie meets a Poodle!

Welcome to Turk Family Farm

From our family to yours!

We provide Bordoodle puppies to good homes. If you are looking for a great hybrid dog breed, Bordoodles are smart, soft, loving, and are low to no shedding.

Our family loves each puppy long after it becomes a part of your family.

Meet Lola the Bordoodle

We love Bordoodles so much we had to keep one!

Lola was born on July 26, 2017 and stole our hearts. We decided to keep her here in our home in Ashland, Ohio. She has made a wonderful addition to our family.

Puppy Love


We are blessed to have this little guy.
Teddy the Bordoodle (F1)

Penny (IN)

"My Sweet Emma."  What a smart dog with a great temperament and full of energy. Potty trained very quickly, already listens "off leash," walks nicely, rarely barks, does not beg...I could go on and on. I get so many compliments, and she deserves everyone of them! Great breed! Thank you for Emma!
Emma the Bordoodle (F1)

Laurie (PA)

After a very smooth drive home to Massachusetts, Buddy has fit right in as part of the family. He is growing quickly and has become the star of the neighborhood.
Buddy the Bordoodle (F1)

Jay (MA)

Brody is 17 pounds! We love him. He is so smart. Training going great. Thank you for an awesome dog!
Brody the Bordoodle (F1)

Reece (MI)

She has been amazing! Every day we are truly amazed with her smarts and could not be more grateful to you! Today she was taking a walk by the lake and jumped in all on her own! She is a wonderful dog, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Winnie the Bordoodle (F1)

Kasey (VA)

He's a great dog. Definitely part of the family. One of the funniest things is that he was pure black and white as a puppy - now all shades of gray! He gets lots of compliments when we're out.
Sully the Bordoodle (F1)

Seth (OH)

She is quite a little character! I love how brilliant she is. She is such a social butterfly and has such good temperament.  She loves everything.
Belle the Bordoodle (F1)

Rachelle (MI)

I just wanted you to know Winston is such a joy to us. So very funny. Almost potty trained and wicked smart. He knows sit, crate, spot, come, down, and shake.  Thank you.
Winston the Bordoodle (F1)

Jeanne (OH)

Living up to the name. We love him dearly.
Marley the Bordoodle (F1)

Sharon (OH)

We found he loves the humming from the wine fridge and is a favorite spot to take a long nap.
Watson the Bordoodle (F1)

Nicole (MI)

Our last of four training sessions with Bear. He is a rockstar!
Bear the Bordoodle (F1)

Suzanne (DE)

We cannot thank you enough for such an amazing experience and our newest family member. Cayman is such a big part of our family, and she loves playing with all of our grandkids.
Cayman the Bordoodle (F1)

Chris (OH)

Oscar is doing great! He loves our other dog named Gus. They are always together.
Oscar the Bordoodle (F1b)

Erin (OH)

She is doing great on her twice daily walks. She has mastered her beginner puppy puzzle. She seems to enjoy getting brushed after she's dried from her bath. Everyone she meets thinks she is the cutest thing they have ever seen, and she's doing awesome learning not to jump on people.
Aberdeen the Bordoodle (F1b)

Molly (SC)

Biscut has shown she is extremely smart. We love her so much!
Biscuit the Bordoodle (F1)

Sherri (OH)

He captured our hearts from day one and never let go. He is the most energetic, loveable, happy-go-lucky dog. Thank you for allowing us to adopt him; he's family, and our two adult daughters call him their "brother." I hope everyone got as lucky as we did with their pups.
Murphy the Bordoodle (F1)

Barbara (PA)

It's the highlight of his day when he (son) comes back home from school. He is such a good boy.
Dusty the Bordoodle (F1b)

Angela (PA)

She's almost 2 now and doing so good!
Indie the Bordoodle (F1)

Megan (OH)

We are thinking he's going to be on the smaller side. He was 32 pounds at 9 months. Growing up/taller. Very curly coat. He's very high energy, turning into the best boy. Loves to use his brain to do tricks.
Doughnut the Bordoodle (F1b)

Anna (NC)

We still love Ethel to death and thank you for her. She's the cutest little pup!
Ethel the Bordoodle (F1b)

Erin (PA)

Francine had her first official haircut today! She has cemented herself into our hearts!
Francine the Bordoodle (F1b)

Becky (OH)

Remy got groomed for the first time last week. Just wanted to tell you what a sweet, smart, affectionate boy he is.
Remy the Bordoodle (F1b)

Christine (TN)

He is doing very well. He began sleeping through the night within a few days of coming home! We are really enjoying him.
Savio the Bordoodle (F1)

Jeffrey (WI)

Kona had a great 1st birthday! We are so happy he is ours.
Kona the Bordoodle (F1)

Lindsey (MN)

Handling every new experience like a champ - being carried around, meeting new people, peeing on grass upstairs. Not fussed about city noises at all - fire truck went roaring past, and we were cool as a cucumber. Which is amazing! He's already getting the hang of the grass pad on the roof. He's so amazing!
Squirt the Bordoodle (F1)

Liz (NY)

Kemper has been such a good pup so far. Sitting on command, going potty on command outside, just a sweet little guy. He's not timid or shy, loves car rides, the lake, his bone and long walks.  He's been a joy! He is such a good boy and herds the kids so well. He saw my 1 year old heading toward the road (I was watching close by to see what he would do). He spotted her, rounded her up, and nudged her back home till she was back right by our house. So glad we got him.
Kemper the Bordoodle

Mallory (WI)

All is very well!! Murphy is such a good dog - we all love him so much!
Murphy the B&W Bordoodle (F1)

Sarah (OH)

We absolutely are in love with Ethel. She has the sweetest personality and is a very chill puppy.
Ethel the Bordoodle (F1b)


Indy is amazing, as you can see. We're housebroken and enjoying puppy kindergarten classes. He is SO incredibly smart - trying to keep him thinking so he's not bored!
Indy the Bordoodle (F1b)


Things are going well. We're trying to teach him potty training and no biting. He's a quick learner and has grasped potty training. He loves playing and has a lot of energy!
Rafa The Bordoodle (F1b)


He is the best. He sleeps above my head at night and butt wiggles his tail when he is happy, especially in the morning (best wake up ever). He also loves children.
Bolt The Bordoodle (F1)


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this dog - very social and maybe too smart!
Jack the Bordoodle (F1)


He is very smart and a bit stubborn, loves balls of all types, and would fetch for hours if he could. He is great at catching frisbees and has been ringing a bell to go out and come in since he was three months old. He is most certainly a Border Collie in the guise of a Poodle!
Francis the Bordoodle (F1)