Bordoodle F1 Purchase Agreement

Purchase Terms and Conditions

These Purchase Terms and Conditions are for the purchase of an F1 Bordoodle Puppy (the “Puppy”). The sire and dam have been checked by a veterinarian and found to be healthy and are current on all vaccinations. Turk Family Farm, LLC is the seller of the Puppy and hereinafter will be referred to as “Seller.” Turk Family Farm, LLC is the breeder and hereinafter will be referred to as the “Breeder.” The person or firm purchasing the Puppy will be referred to as the “Buyer.”

Breeder Responsibilities/Disclosures

  • The Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell to any person or firm they feel may not provide a good and responsible home for the Puppy.
  • The Puppy is not sold with any known health problems.
  • The dew claws are not removed, and the tails are not docked on the Puppy due to Breeder’s discretion of said Puppy breed.
  • The Puppy will be and/or was wormed at two (2), four (4), six (6), and eight (8) weeks. Consult your veterinarian for future worming needs.
  • Puppy vaccinations (Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Leptospira Canicola, Grippotyphosa, Icterohaemorrhagiae, and Pomona Bacteria Extract) will be and/or were given between six (6) and eight (8) weeks old. Vaccination records will be provided with the delivery of your Puppy. Consult with your veterinarian for your Puppy’s future vaccination needs.
  • The Puppy will be and/or has been microchipped before delivery. Breeder will transfer ownership to Buyer via an email notification. You will need to update your information online after you receive the transfer email with the registration company.
  • After the Puppy is and/or was weaned from the mother it is/was fed only a premium dry puppy food. The Breeder uses Blackwood™ food product lines and finds this provides the necessary nutrition for proper growth and joint and bone development for these dogs.
  • All precautions have been taken to ensure the Puppy is clean, healthy, and has/had no outside contact with other dogs or people (except a veterinarian clinic and employees as needed in an emergency situation) during the first critical several weeks after birth.
  • The Puppy was imprinted (handled by the Breeder) from birth and is very comfortable being picked up and and handled.
  • Relatively soon after the Puppies are born, Breeder will schedule an Open House to pick your puppy, between five (5) and six (6) weeks old. Please be advised this will be scheduled on a weekend where you will be welcome to come in person or virtually, via Zoom, to pick out your Puppy. First pick of the litter will have the first time slot of the day, second pick of the litter will go second, third, fourth and so on. This has to be scheduled in chronological order for all picks of the litter in order to know which puppies are available to choose from. Please be advised: If you do not participate to select your puppy during your assigned Open House time slot, your pick of the litter may be forfeited and a later pick of the litter may be assigned to you. The next person behind you cannot pick their puppy until you do. This process is chronologically imperative.
  • Puppy will be ready for its new home at minimum of eight (8) weeks old. Breeder will schedule your puppy for pickup relatively soon after the Puppies are born; this is typically done on a weekend day. This advanced planning helps Buyers traveling long distances have plenty of time to coordinate travel arrangements. If the puppy needs to be kept by Breeder for longer than nine (9) weeks old, a $15 per day boarding fee will be required.
  • In light of current world events with the pandemic, Breeder shall require handwashing, sanitizer, masks, and/or facial coverings to be worn at any in-person meetings. If travel restrictions/requirements make it challenging to host the in-person Open House, Breeder has the authority to decide whether virtual Zoom will be conducted for all picks of the litter or Puppy selection will be made at the time of pick up only.
  • Any Puppy pictures Buyer shares with Breeder or Breeder takes prior to Puppy leaving may be shared on Seller’s website and/or other marketing and promotional materials.

Payment Options

  • Major credit card to be paid via online invoice.
  • Checks – with proper ID and a wait of 10 business days for clearing. The Seller does not accept post-dated checks.
  • Cash payments made in person for remaining balance due after initial deposit is paid, will receive a $100 discount.

Payment Terms

  • A minimum deposit of $500 is required at the ordering of the Puppy. If a deposit is placed before the litter is born, pick of the litter is based on the quantity and order of deposits placed for said litter.
  • The balance is to be paid in full before the Puppy is eight (8) weeks
  • Make all checks payable to “Turk Family Farm, LLC.”  Must have a 10-day window for clearing Breeder’s bank.
  • There will be no refunds on deposits, unless there are not enough Puppies in the litter to complete the number of orders.
  • Puppy shall be offered for $2,000.

Buyer’s Responsibilities

  • Love your new family member and provide a good home. The Puppy will return the love many times over.
  • Socialize your Puppy with other people outside your family. Take the Puppy to any of the local pet stores in your area that allow this type of socialization. Make sure the Puppy has all of its vaccinations prior to introducing the Puppy to other people or animals.
  • In order to help maintain your Puppy’s health, your Puppy requires regular exercise. (Consult with your veterinarian.)
  • Feed your Puppy a premium large breed puppy food. Our recommendation is Blackwood™ food product lines.
  • Make sure your Puppy receives the entire set of vaccinations. (Consult with your veterinarian.)
  • Make sure your Puppy receives its rabies vaccination when due. (Consult with your veterinarian.)
  • Do not let your new Puppy jump off of anything over 8 inches high until the Puppy is at least six (6) months old. This excessive activity could cause problems to the Puppy’s bones or joints and/or could injure the Puppy.
  • You should consider obedience training for your Puppy starting at 4-6 months. Obedience training will help you when the Puppy matures.
  • Puppies will not be shipped by Breeder under any circumstance. Please make arrangements in advance when planning to take your puppy home. We look forward to meeting you!

Return/Guarantee Policy

  • If there is a chronic health problem with the Puppy, you must provide the Breeder a written notification of the specific health issue, and the health issue diagnosis must be confirmed and signed by a veterinarian. (You must also provide evidence of regular check-ups and vaccinations.)
  • If you have changed your mind and don’t want the Puppy, it will be the Buyer’s responsibility to sell the Puppy. The Breeder will attempt to assist you in selling the Puppy but cannot, and will not, guarantee the Puppy will be sold or it will be sold at the asking price. There will be no refund of any payment to Buyer from Seller.
  • Cancer Guarantee – Cancer can be a factor in all breeds. If the Buyer should have that misfortune within one (1) year, a replacement Puppy will be given to the Buyer. A veterinarian certification of the cancer is required.
  • Deposit Refund – there will be a refund of the deposit only if there are not enough Puppies in the litter to complete the number of orders.
  • The only acceptable food is a premium large dog breed food. Proof of purchase is required for any refund or replacement.

Spay/Neuter Policy

  • The Puppy must be spayed/neutered by the time the Puppy is eight (8) months old. Veterinarian certification of such may be requested at such time by Breeder. Puppy is sold as a pet only. No breeding rights are granted.